Reflections on Sexagesima

Jesus explains to His disciples why He teaches in parables.  It is so that those who are merely curious and not real seekers after the truth, who have denied the hunger for God within themselves, would only hear stories, not discerning the spiritual content and truth in them.  The disciples, and the spiritually hungry would move beyond the surface to begin to grasp the spiritual meaning within the stories.  Jesus knew whom He was calling, and as we reflect on the call accounts, we notice that these men are described as immediately leaving their occupations and their families to follow Him.

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Reflections on Septuagesima

The owner of the vineyard came to the marketplace, the appropriate place to hire workers.  He came there early in the morning, in the middle of the morning and at noon.  He came again in mid-afternoon and even in the late afternoon to hire anyone who was still there.  He combed through that place again and again and rightly knew that had anyone been there all day, he would have seen him on one of his frequent visits.

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